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Configuring Secondary device for Remote Desktop Application (RDP)

To configure Secondary device for Remote Desktop Application, follow these steps

  1. Open Remote Services V2 application in the Launchpad and switch to Tenant Admin role.
  2. Select the Gateway device from the hierarchy.

    Agent is selected in Hierarchy

  3. Click Adding_Devices in Assigned Devices section.

    Adding Devices_M

  4. Enter the following details to create secondary device for Remote PC and provide location information and save.

    Field Details
    Device Name Remote PC Name
    Device Type Secondary Target
    Asset Id Enter the Asset ID noted
    Company Company name
    Product All
    Billing ID Specify
    Email Specify mail for contact at site and contact for Device
  5. Click "Assign Protocol Application" to get a list of Available Protocol Applications.



    If the protocol application is not listed, click "Create New Protocol Application" at the bottom of the page to display protocol applications.


  6. Select Remote Desktop Protocol enter Application name for example, RDP Application. Specify the domain, username and save the configuration to create application.

  7. Click "Assign Protocol Application" and select the application created. Application is displayed under Assigned Protocol Applications and save.


  8. Switch to Remote User role and in the Assigned devices, open the Remote PC to be accessed on the Gateway device.


    Based on network adapter set PG or PC interface settings in control panel.

  9. Open Connections in Remote V2 application and Click "Connect".

  10. Login to access remote PC in your device network.


Last update: May 22, 2023

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