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Insights Hub Basics

See how the basic concepts of Insights Hub work together to help you reach your target.


The data you bring into Insights Hub comes from your site & things. These data points come from sensors on your local machines or field devices, which are connected to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which collects your specific data points. The hardware or software-based gateway collects data from all connected PLCs and sends your predefined data to Insights Hub.

Agent Asset, the digital representation of your gateway sends your data to your data model. In the data model you see your virtual assets which represent your local setup of your physical machines.

You can read and write your data to APIs & Services, trough Out of the box Apps or Custom built Apps & Solutions from Siemens or 3rd parties; and System Tools. These applications perform analysis, create dashboards, and fulfill your important use cases.

Your solutions and apps can also use different ingestible data sources, such as enterprise systems, edge applications or data which is available on the cloud. These can be ingested in Insights Hub via different possibilities directly into the Integrated Data Lake. Data Integration and Management allows the data to be managed and analyzed the same way as the data from your devices.

The following hosting options are offered to the customers:

  • public cloud versions: Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba.

  • Private Cloud (LPC): For customers who want to use Insights Hub on their own data centre. These customers have to install their own infrastructure services, such as RedHat, OpenShift or Rancher, on the top of which Insights Hub will reside.

  • Cloud Dedicated (VPC): Allows customers to install Insights Hub on an already existing HyperScaler Account, such as AWS or Azure.

Last update: November 27, 2023

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