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In this section you will find a growing number of articles covering basic concepts of MindSphere.

Topic Description
Architecture Brief overview of the MindSphere Architecture
Authentication and Authorization Learn more about the authentication and authorization concepts when you are calling APIs
Gateway URL Schemes Learn more about the routing of your applications and MindSphere APIs
Cloud Foundry Applications Brief overview of Cloud Foundry applications for MindSphere
Content Security Policy on MindSphere This article describes the handling of Content Security Policy (CSP) within MindSphere
Key Rotation Learn more about key rotation of public keys for signature verification in MindSphere
MindConnect Elements With MindConnect, Siemens offers numerous possibilities for connecting machines, plants and worldwide fleets to MindSphere, regardless of the manufacturer.
MindSphere MQTT Broker Learn more about MindSphere MindConnect MQTT Broker.
MindSphere IoT Data Services MindSphere IoT overview
Roles & Scopes Learn more about available roles and associated scopes (permissions) for your own application and MindSphere APIs
API Versioning MindSphere service API versioning
API Lifecycle MindSphere service API lifecycle
Cross-Tenancy Cross-Tenancy

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Last update: July 13, 2022