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MindSphere Regions

Availability of MindSphere

You can purchase a MindSphere plan hosted in different regions in various data centers. The following table shows the locations of our data centers and their region:

Region Data center location Infrastructure provider
Europe 1 Frankfurt, Germany Amazon Web Services
Europe 2 Amsterdam, Netherlands Microsoft Azure
China 1 Shanghai, China Alibaba Cloud

An overview of all MindSphere services currently available in the respective region is given in the service index.

The MindSphere Release Notes provide release feature details for the respective region.

Region-specific placeholders

For accessing different regions this documentation uses placeholders for URL parts. The following table shows which values to use for those placeholders indicated by curly brackets in URL schemes:

Region Region identifier {region} Domain {mindsphere-domain}
Europe 1 eu1
Europe 2 eu2
China 1 cn1

For example, a URL schema like


becomes the following URL

  • in region Europe 1:
  • in region China 1:

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Last update: March 17, 2023