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MindConnect Elements

With MindConnect, Siemens offers numerous possibilities for connecting machines, plants and worldwide fleets to MindSphere, regardless of the manufacturer.

MindConnect Nano

MindConnect Nano is a device that establishes the connection to MindSphere in order to collect data from an Asset and transfer it to MindSphere.

MindConnect IoT2040

MindConnect IoT2040 is a device for collecting data using different protocols and transferring the data to MindSphere. The device supports transmission of data through a secure internet connection, to enable cloud-based applications and services. MindConnect IoT2040 can only be used, according to the specific terms included in the data sheet, with MindSphere.

MindConnect LIB

MindConnect LIB is a software development kit (SDK) which enables self-programming of customer or use case specific connectivity agents. It supports encrypted transmission of on-site data to MindSphere through a secure internet connection, to enable cloud-based applications and services. MindConnect LIB enables connectivity for almost every asset creating flexibility that can drive deeper insights into your business.

MinConnect Software Agent

MindConnect Elements, MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040 are embedded industrial PCs whereas MindConnect Software Agent is a software agent that can be installed on your system fulfilling requirements. For more information, see Using MindConnect Software Agent to connect industrial data sources to MindSphere in Getting Connected to MindSphere document. They are able to connect to MindSphere, collect data from the field and transfer it encrypted to MindSphere.

Third-Party Elements

These are hardware devices in different form factors with different use case scenarios. The devices run an agent that is able to communicate with MindSphere.

Third-Party Agents

Agents can either be pre-installed software on specific devices or programmed for specific use cases. These agents enable connectivity with MindSphere.

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Last update: December 22, 2021