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Data Integration and Management


By bringing all kinds of data together inside of Insights Hub, you can use Data Processing, Contextualization, Analytics & Visualization to gain insights into your important use cases.

  • Get started by ingesting all kinds of data from your enterprise systems or other clouds directly into the Integrated Data Lake, by selecting from the easy-to-use ingest options.
  • Then integrate your IoT Time Series Data by using Mind Connect portfolio. Once your IoT Time Series data is in the Industrial IoT data base, you can bring aggregated Time Series Data also to the Integrated Data Lake.

Start using your combined data set in Insights Hub, with all the tooling you need to securely utilize, optimize, and manage your data.

In addition, we offer a variety of tools and apps that optimize Data Processing, Contextualization, Analytics and Visualization:

  • tools including (ex. Visual Flow Creator, Predictive Learning, Insights Hub Business Intelligence, Data Contextualization, Insights Hub Monitor)
  • Customized applications created by Siemens developers or third parties
  • Native Tools from hyper scalers

Last update: November 27, 2023

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