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MindSphere Architecture

MindSphere is an industrial IoT as a service solution to connect the IoT and leverage it's combined power through services and apps. To do so, we provide you tools with the latest technology and security standards.

MindSphere consists of three distinct layers:


MindSphere Application System

The MindSphere Application system is powered by Cloud Foundry and provides you with all of it as a service solution capability and a deep integration into the MindSphere ecosystem.

Operational aspects like deployment, scaling, monitoring are getting easier since these features are baked into the core of the MindSphere Application system.

MindSphere Services

The MindSphere Services provides a variety of supporting services to make application development easier. Through our APIs you can automate almost every process, manage users and assets, retrieve and store Industrial IoT data, run analytics and much more.

Please refer to our APIs & Services Index to learn more.

MindConnect Elements

With [MindConnect Elements], Siemens offers numerous possibilities for connecting machines, plants and worldwide fleets to MindSphere, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Last update: March 17, 2023