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App Development Concepts


This infographic shows the application lifecycle in MindSphere.

Create app: Use our low-code development platform mendix or develop your application using your own programming language and environment. To access MindSphere data and capabilities we provide a comprehensive set of MindSphere APIs and Services.

Host app: Chose between hosting your app on MindSphere hosting environment Cloud Foundry or host your app in another infrastructure you prefer.

Integrate app: Integrate your app into MindSphere. Your app becomes fully integrated into MindSphere. This means that your App is not only capable of consuming MindSpheres API’s but is also visible on the launchpad.

Test app: If available, you can use your test environments to try out your application within a save environment before bringing it to production.

Make app available: Chose from the following four options to make your app available.

  1. Assign your App to your own Production Environment and give customers access to use it.
  2. Assign your app to someone else who will host and operate your app. Customers can then buy the app from this operator and use it with their own data.
  3. Add your app to the MindSphere Store, so customers can buy and use it with their own data.
  4. Provision your app to a customer’s productive environment to be used with customer data.

Use app: Begin creating value by using the capabilities of your app in combination with MindSphere.

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Last update: October 6, 2022