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MindSphere API Lifecycle

MindSphere web service APIs follow a defined lifecycle. This lifecycle guarantees API stability to clients on the one hand, and allows introducing new features into existing APIs on the other hand.


We strongly recommend to only use documented features of MindSphere APIs. Any functionality that is not explicitly specified can be changed without prior notice at any time.

Major Version Lifecycle Phases

The following diagram shows the two main phases of an API with given major version:

After publication and before retirement, an API of given major version is deployed in a MindSphere production environment to be used by clients. During production phase of an API major version, backwards compatible updates (i.e., minor changes), bug fixes and security fixes are applied to the API. Once an API major version gets deprecated, no new features are added. Only security fixes are applied and a subset of relevant bug fixes.

Major Version Update

A major API version is deprecated once a newer major version of the API is published. The old major version is still available for some time to allow clients to switch to the newer API major version.


Deprecation of API Entities

If API entities are deprecated, this is indicated either using the deprecated property in the OpenAPI Specification or by a proper description. Just like deprecated APIs, they can still be used. Deprecated API entities will be removed in the next major update of the API.

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Last update: December 21, 2021