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Integrating Insights Hub Monitor plugin - Example

Example scenario

Access Visual Flow Creator dashboard by using Insights Hub Monitor plugin.


To display Visual Flow Creator dashboard in Insights Hub Monitor by using a plugin.


  1. Design the event flow as shown below:

    Design the flow

  2. Double click to edit "slider" and "gauge" node properties.

  3. Swap, shift and configure groups and tabs from the sidebar "Dashboard" window under "Layout" according to the requirements.
  4. Click Edit to configure Insights Hub Monitor plugin:

    Edit dashboard

    • FM access: Asset
    • Access type: Show for all users
    • Asset: FA20 asset selected
  5. Click "Update".

  6. Save the flow.
  7. Open Insights Hub Monitor.
  8. Select Visual Flow Creator tile.

    Visual flow

  9. Select FA20 asset.


The dashboard will be displayed in Visual Flow Creator tab.

Creator tab

Last update: April 23, 2024