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Cyclic flows

This feature can execute the cyclic flows for each tab individually in Visual Flow Creator. The "Allow cyclic flows" can be enabled or disabled by using the toggle button at the edit flow tab properties.


To execute the cyclic flows using delay node, follow these steps:

  1. In the node palette, select the nodes and design the flow as shown in the below image.

    Design the flow

  2. Edit inject node properties:

    • number: 0
  3. Edit function node properties:
    • Name: Increment
    • Language: javascript
    • Code: msg.payload++; return msg;
  4. Edit function node properties:

    • Name: Check condition < 5
    • Language: javascript
    • Code:
      if (msg.payload < 5) {
      return msg;
  5. Edit delay node properties:

    • Action: Delay each message
    • Fixed delay
    • For: 2 seconds


If you proceed to save and deploy the flow, a notification will be displayed with the message "Deploy failed: cycles are detected. This can lead to high compute hours consumption!"

6.Edit flow tab properties:

Edit flow

!!! note Allow cyclic flows should be enabled.

7.Save and execute the flow.

The output will be displayed in the debug tab.

Debug tab

Last update: June 27, 2024