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Visual Explorer is a powerful MindSphere add-on application. Create customized visualizations based on your data from assets, IoT Time Series, Events, Integrated Data Lake or Semantic Data Interconnect. Integrate them in a single dashboard and apply custom calculations, filters or aggregations. example dashboard

Use these visualizations to analyze your data in Operations Insight, schedule reports or publish visualizations to customers.

You can even configure data-driven alerts to receive email notifications in case of abnormalities. Data driven alert email

This Getting Started provides you with information on how to configure data sources in Visual Explorer Connector and how to use these for creating visualizations in Visual Explorer. Both applications are available on the MindSphere Launchpad.

Visual Explorer is based on Tableau®. For more information on how to operate Tableau® to its full extent, refer to the chapter named Creating Visualizations.

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Last update: June 1, 2022