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Insights Hub OEE Videos

This page provides quick links to all videos for Insights Hub Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Insights Hub OEE Introduction

This video explains why OEE is considered the premier productivity KPI used across multiple industries. It demonstrates how Insights Hub OEE measures the efficiency of production lines and equipment, which helps identify and address hidden costs related to availability, performance and quality losses.


Insights Hub OEE First Steps

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the different roles and scopes within the application, outlines the specific data requirements for Insights Hub OEE and introduces the desired data structure for optimal implementation.

first steps

Insights Hub OEE Basics

This video explains all the crucial elements of OEE and the various OEE concepts implemented in the application that you need to understand before configuring OEE. It also provides details regarding product and design speeds, along with standard formulas.


Insights Hub OEE Configuration

This video offers comprehensive guidance on configuring Insights Hub OEE, covering all the necessary steps. It demonstrates how to configure the time model, reason tree and status mapping. In addition, it explains how products and assets are set up in which relevant data points are mapped to calculate OEE. The focus is on key configuration aspects to facilitate smooth application deployment.


For detailed documentation on Insights Hub OEE, refer to the section Insights Hub OEE Introduction.

Last update: June 4, 2024

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