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"Services" provides information about purchased limits and used limits of metrics with respect to plans associated with the tenant. By analyzing the status of these metrics, you can manage or upgrade their plans. To view the metric status, refer to the following sections:

If you exceed the metric usage, you will receive an email notification with information about the usage and how to upgrade the metrics. Email notifications are sent based on the following usages of the metrics:

  • 50% of allowed usage (only for Capability Packages 2.0 subscribers)
  • 80% of allowed usage (only for Capability Packages 2.0 subscribers)
  • 90% of allowed usage
  • 100% of allowed usage
  • More than 100 % of allowed usage

Once the email notification is sent for more than 100% of the allowed usage, 30 days of grace period is provided to purchase an upgrade for the metric. If the metric is not upgraded within 30-days, a final notice email is sent with an additional grace period of 7 days. If the metric is still not upgraded or usage capacity of the affected services is not reduced, Insights Hub intends to exercise its contractual right to suspend access to the affected services. For the subscribers of Capability Packages 2.0, immediate upgrading the package is advised to ensure that an application operates as intended and is completely functional.

The following table shows the color codes to describe the status of the metrics usage:

Color Code Metrics usage (%)
Green Less than 80 percent of allowed usage
Yellow Between 80 to 100 percent of allowed usage
Red More than 100 percent of allowed usage


The usage data is updated only after receiving the usage information from the application.

Update of usage data is performed daily at UTC 0:00. During this process, there is a time delay to display the usage data on the user interface. For more information on the time delay, refer to the table below:

Metric name (measurement unit) Approximate Time Delay (hours)
- Asset Instances (Count)
- Asset Types (Count)
- File Storage (GB)
- Agents (count)
- Events (Count)
- Events Type (Count)
- PL Compute Hours (Hours)
- Notifications Count (Count)
- PL Data Storage (GB)
- Users (Count)
- Subtenants (Count)
- Advanced KPI IoT timeseries count (count)
- IDL Data Read (GB)
- IDL Data Write (GB)
- IDL Write Operations (Count)
- IDL Read Operations (Count)
- IDL Data Storage Space (GB)
- IDL Objects Stored (Count)
- IDL maximum number of search operations (Count)
- Time Series Storage (GB)
- Rules Quota (Count)
- VFC Compute Hours per month (Hours)
- Advanced KPI IDL query execution datavolume (GB)
- Insights Hub Business Intelligence Creator Users (count)
- Insights Hub Business Intelligence Viewer Users (count)
- MindConnect IoT Extension data ingest per actual month (MB)
- IDL Data Retrieval Volume (GB)
- IDL Data Retrieval Operations (Count)
- IDL Data Archival Operations (Count)
- IDL Data Archival Volume (GB)

Last update: May 29, 2024