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"Applications" allows you to analyze the usage and provides transparency on the selected metrics, based on the rules configured for the application. You can view the metrics usage of the applications sent for billing. By analyzing the metrics usage, you can monitor and control the metrics usage.

Only the subscribers of the MindAccess Operator Plan can purchase the applications from other operators using the roles mentioned below:

Application Operator

The Operator tenant can sell the applications and these applications can be purchased by interested customer. These applications provide resources that are consumed. The Operator needs to monitor resource consumption and enable transparency regarding resource usage for consumers.

To monitor the usage of predefined rules, the operator can select the "Operator" option to monitor customer usage and facilitate transparency.

The following graphic displays the "Application(Hosted)" screen.


Application Consumer

The operator can purchase an application from another operator. The consumer will monitor the resource usage of the purchased application. Click "Consumer" to view the resource usage of the purchased application.

The following graphic displays the "Application(Purchased)" screen.



The "Applications" tab allows you to configure a rule to monitor the usage of key features in the application. This rule enables the application to send the usage data to Usage Transparency Services and helps to configure the aggregation method to be applied, based on the billing model.

There are two rules named active rules and inactive rules. Active rules accept usages and inactive rules do not accept usages for billing.

Assigning the metric units

To view the billing data as an application consumer, application operator tenant has to assign the metric units to application consumer from another tenant.

To assign the metric units from the application operator to application consumer of another tenant, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation tab, click "Operator" from "Applications".
  2. Select the application and click arrow in the preview section.

!!! note If the required application is not available in the list, contact the support team.

  1. Select the rule and click arrow in the preview section.
  2. Click "Change Assignments".

change assignments

Application operators can also edit the metric "Unit Display Name" for the application Consumers.

!!! note Once the Unit Display Name is modified, the rule (metric unit) will be inactive for a minimum of 30 minutes and usages sent during this timeframe is not accepted and cannot be considered for billing. Ensure to update the display name only during non-business hours.

  1. Select the tenant you want to assign the metric unit. Multiple tenants can be selected.

  2. Click "Save".

Last update: May 29, 2024