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User rights in "Upgrade"

The "Upgrade" tool adopts the user rights and roles from "Settings". The user rights depend on the following general user roles:

General role Rights
SubtenantUser SubtenantUser can neither view the "Upgrade" app nor carry out chargeable transactions.
StandardUser This is the default role of a tenant's user which contains permissions to get access to general tenant functionality, including "Requester" role for "Upgrade" tool.
TenantAdmin This role grants full administrative access to the respective tenant, including \"Requester\" for "Upgrade" tool.

The user rights depend on the following "Upgrade" specific user roles:

Upgrade specific Role Rights
Requester platformpurchaseapp.requester The "Requester" can submit an upgrade request to the "Buyer" to purchase the upgrade (request for approval). By default, the "StandardUser" and "TenantAdmin" will have the "Requester" role. For more information about purchasing upgrades for a "Requester", refer "Upgrade offerings for "Requester".
Buyer platformpurchaseapp.buyer - The "Buyer" can purchase the upgrades without restrictions. The "Buyer" can perform a direct purchase through "Upgrade".
- The "Buyer" approves or declines subscription requests by the "Requester" using the "Upgrade" app or by accessing the upgrade request link received via email. The "Buyer" receives an e-mail with the confirmation of the purchase.
- The "Buyer" can activate the package by entering the activation code, received from the Operator.
For more information, refer "Activating a package". The "Buyer" role can be provided to a user by using "Settings". For more information about purchasing upgrades for a "Buyer", refer "Upgrade offerings for "Buyer".

For more information on the variations for region Europe 2, refer the MindSphere regions document.


If the "Buyer" role is not visible in "Settings" application for assignment, you need to add it to your tenant using "Settings" app by clicking "Roles" and "Edit Roles".

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Last update: April 1, 2022