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Access "Upgrade"

To access this tool from Launchpad, click "Upgrade" icon.

It is also possible to access the "Upgrade" tool from Usage Transparency. Click "Limits" and then click "Upgrade" that is available next to the metrics to purchase the upgrade. UT

Maximum upgrade metrics

There is a maximum limit (quantity) of a product that can be purchased at a time. The maximum limit is set to avoid errors or prevent the purchase of a very high quantity which could have an impact on customer costs and could impact platform stability. This limit is dependent on the product selected and might change over time. As an example you can find some limits related to products in the table below.

Upgrade Maximum quantity that can be purchased at a time
Agents Upgrade 10
Asset Instances Upgrade 100
Asset Type Upgrade 100
Backing Services M 5
Backing Services XS 5
Backing Service S10 5
Backing Service M50 5
Backing Services Pay per Use 5
Backing Service S10 HA 5
Backing Service M150 HA 5
Cloud Foundry RAM Upgrade 5
Outbound Traffic Upgrade 5
Rules Quota upgrade (20 rules) 10
Rules Quota upgrade (100 rules) 5
Events Upgrade 2
Subtenants Upgrade 10
Users Upgrade 5
Visual Flow Creator Upgrade 20
Visual Explorer - Creator Upgrade 20
Visual Explorer - Viewer Upgrade 20
Time Series Data Ingest Rate Upgrade 90
Time Series Storage Upgrade 20
Package Builder Upgrade 2
Integrated Data Lake 1
Integrated Data Lake - Data Read Upgrade 100
Integrated Data Lake - Data Write Upgrade 100
Integrated Data Lake - Read Ops Upgrade 100
Integrated Data Lake - Write Ops Upgrade 100
Integrated Data Lake - Objects Upgrade 100
Integrated Data Lake - Storage Space Upgrade 100
SDI Systems Connected Upgrade 1
MindConnect IoT Extension Upgrade 24
Operations Insight Creator Upgrade 10
MindConnect advanced driver package 10


It is only possible to access the Upgrade tool if a valid Sold-To-ID is assigned. This Sold-To-ID is obtained after subscribing to a Industrial IoT Service via Industrial IoT Store.

Last update: June 15, 2023