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Activating a package

The "Activation Code" screen enables you to use the package by activating the code received from the Operator. In order to activate the package, ensure that the following requirements are satisfied:

  • a package is already created by using the Package Builder app
  • the package is activated
  • the activation code is generated


The "Activation Code" tab can be accessed only if: - a user is assigned a "Buyer" role - MindAccess IoT Value Plan is purchased

To activate the code received from the Operator, proceed with the following steps:

  1. In the "Upgrade" app, click "Activation Code" from the left navigation.
  2. Enter the package activation code that you have received from the Operator and click "Start Activation Process". The package details and the package provider information is displayed.

start activation


The code can be used only once. If you enter a previously used code, then a message appears informing you to enter another code for activation.

3.Click "Activate this package". 4.Enter the required details. Access, verify and accept the terms and conditions. Click "Submit activation request".
The request is sent to the operator for approval. After the operator approves this request via Package Builder app, the approval status email is sent. The package is successfully activated.

Last update: January 22, 2024