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"Start for Free" services

The following table displays the MindSphere services scope available to "Start for Free" account:

Services Description
Asset Manager Asset Manager is an application of MindSphere. In the Asset Manager, you can model the structure of an industrial process using assets.
"Start for Free" users have the following scope of services:
- Each user will have one tenant account, 10 asset types and 10 asset instances.
- Out of the overall limits, 3 of them are predefined and provided by us with each Start for Free account: a mobile phone device, a Raspberry Pi device, and a simulated asset representing a pump and providing you simulated data which you can use right away to explore the apps.
For more details, refer to Asset Manager.
Developer Cockpit Developer Cockpit is a system tool from MindSphere. It allows you to generate working skeleton code with appropriate project structure and build tool integration for your micro-service based web application.
"Start for Free" users have the following scope of services:
- You can create self-hosted applications using MindSphere data and services.
- Maximum 3 applications can be created using MindSphere data and services.
- Application crendentials will be valid for 48 hours, by default.
If you want to create API applications, promote your application to other users and customize roles and scopes, then upgrade to MindSphere full version services.
Start for Free allows you to create a standard self-hosted application. But MindSphere full version services offers more. Check out our MindSphere store to upgrade for full version. For more details, refer to Developer Cockpit.
Mendix "Start for Free" allows you to use MindSphere data and services and run a low-code application on Mendix. Single sign-in integration of application is allowed between the Mendix and MindSphere system.
Operations Insight Operations Insight is a MindSphere core solution that allows you to monitor your production lines and machines via one common user interface that integrates the most often used displays and configurations. In addition to well known ‘Fleet Manager’ functionalities it now also features configurable dashboards and work order tracking capabilities. With easy-to-use configurations, it is possible to monitor the performance and condition of the assets in real time, get full and harmonized transparency of the data from their connected assets and gain deeper insights into your production system and analyze the machine performance. For more details refer to Operations Insight
Upgrade Upgrade allows you to buy the upgrades and use them instantly on your MindAccess Plan account. You can upgrade your tenant with additional MindSphere offerings.
For more details, refer to Upgrade.
Visual Flow Creator Visual Flow Creator enables you to design your own workflows by drag and drop functionality to develop graphic depiction of workflows. We provide you a sample flow consisting of multiple interconnected nodes, which inject your mobile phone data into the flow, reads time series data, calculate KPIs and generates a dashboard. With the dashboard, you can also generate simulated mobile phone data that in turn can be used to explore the app. The compute capacity for flows is set to 2 hours per month.
For more details, refer to VFC documentation.
- In Start for Free tenant, creating cyclic flows for longer than 24 hours is not possible.
- If compute hours are zero, Start for Free flows are disabled for the execution. You need to login and make some changes on flows to enable them again.

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Last update: April 29, 2022