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Register your Start for Free account

The following are some important points to remember when working with "Start for Free":

  • If you have already registered your email address to purchase any Siemens product like NX, Teamcenter, etc, use the same email address to create a free tenant. In this case, you will have a WebKey but not a MindSphere or Mendix account. Using your WebKey credentials, you can create a Start for Free tenant.
  • Every tenant can only have one user account.

To access MindSphere services for free, you first have to register as a "Start for Free" user.


To register with MindSphere, follow these steps:

  1. Access the MindSphere website, click “Start for Free”.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click "GET ACCESS".
  4. Enter field details, click “Create account”.

Create account

5.Click "Activate account" link received via email.

6.This link will redirect to a "Start for Free" tenant.

7.Login with your credentials.


  • Secure your credenttials, as the registration information will be displayed only once.
  • It is not recommended to launch MindSphere from a mobile browser or a browser which uses (is set with) an incognito status.


You have successfully logged into the "Start for Free" Launchpad.

The following important point to remember when working with "Start for Free":

  • If you already have a MindSphere account then you can login with your WebKey, select an existing tenant from the list to access "Start for Free" Launchpad.

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Last update: April 29, 2022