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Register your Mendix application

When you create your MindSphere Start for Free account, it will be linked to your Mendix account. With Mendix, you can create your own low-code application. To develop your low-code app from Mendix, you can refer to "Build a MindSphere app with Mendix".

In this learning path, you can learn how to register your app to MindSphere. Cloud Foundry environment is not yet available within Start for Free, hence we allow you to integrate your application to Mendix and thereafter, you can follow an easy workflow to register your application within MindSphere.


If Mendix Start for Free account displays an error while accessing it, then create your account using Mendix.


To register your app from Mendix to MindSphere, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Run button to run your Mendix Studio Pro project.
  2. Click Open button to open your application within your browser.
  3. Click "Start Auto Registration".
    Start Auto Registration
  4. Enter required details
  5. Click "Register".
  6. After successfully registering your app, click "Launch your application".
    Launch your application


If you edit your application, click "Run" and "View" buttons in the Mendix application and you will be redirected to your application. It is not required to register your application again.


The application is successfully registered and it will be redirected to the MindSphere service to view and analyze the asset data from Mobile or Raspberry Pi devices.

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Last update: April 29, 2022