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Onboarding a mobile device

MindSphere Mobile Connect is a mobile application that helps to onboard a mobile device on MindSphere. The purpose of the MindSphere Mobile Connect is to simply onboard your device (phone, tablet) into MindSphere and with the shaking action, you can generate time series data. The time series data that you have created will then be used to view, analyze, process and perform basic analytic functions.


To onboard a mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Login to "Start for Free" application, and click Asset Manager.
    • A predefined digital representation of your device has already been created in Asset Manager for you. MindSphere will automatically create an asset for your device.
  2. Click “View your assets” and select the “MobilePhone” asset.
  3. In "Connectivity" section, click "MindConnect Lib" plugin. MindConnect Lib
  4. Select "Security profile", select "SHARED_SECRET" and click "Save". Security profile


This page is displayed only once to select the security profile.

5.Click config to configure the device and click “Generate onboarding key”.

  • It will display a QR code and a text file.

6.Open MindSphere Mobile Connect app on your mobile device. Scan the QR code or use the text file to onboard your mobile device.

MindSphere Mobile Connect

  • After scanning the QR code, you will receive a pop-up message of successful onboarding.

7.Click "Start reading data" and shake the mobile device to generate the data.


The time series data that you create with your mobile device will be deleted every 30 days. If your data is not longer available, you can follow the above steps to recreate data in your mobile device.


You have successfully onboarded a mobile device to MindSphere.


You will receive a pop-up message every time you stop sharing the data on your mobile device. The message includes the number of successfully transferred files to MindSphere. You can view the details in Fleet Manager.

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Last update: April 29, 2022