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Introduction to policies

A policy describes a given set of subjects and is allowed to perform a given set of actions on a specified set of resources or resource groups. Set of actions, and resources are bound by a rule, and a policy can have multiple rules.

Subjects are users or user groups who are allowed to perform certain actions on certain resources.

A rule is just a container that holds tuple of actions and resources / resource groups. A policy can contain multiple rules. For more information on Resource Groups, please refer to Creating a new Resource group

The user interface of "Policies" is as shown below:


① Opens a new window to create a new policy

② List of available policies for the tenant

③ Filter icon to filter the available policies. The available filter options are: Active and Inactive

④ Subjects assigned to the selected policy. Subjects can be Users or User groups

⑤ Rules created for the selected policy

⑥ Activate/Deactivate the selected policy

⑦ Add new rule for the selected policy

⑧ Edit the selected policy

⑨ Delete the selected policy

⑩ Change the subject for the selected policy. The available options are: Change assigned users and change assigned user groups

For more information on Policies, please refer to Resource Access Management.

Last update: January 22, 2024