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You can request collaborations with other tenants in Settings. This allows you to share your assets with other tenants using Cross-Tenancy. For more information on sharing assets, refer to the Asset Manager documentation. For collaboration, you need to know your partner's tenant ID for the handshake procedure. Each party may refuse a request or end an existing collaboration at any time.

The collaboration UI provides an overview of all existing and requested collaborations.

Offer collaboration

You can offer a collaboration with all tenants in the same region. The receiving tenant must accept your collaboration offers.

Revoke pending collaborations

You can revoke a pending collaboration as long as the collaboration has not yet been confirmed by the receiving tenant.

Terminate collaborations

The "Collaboration" section shows all existing collaborations. You can terminate a collaboration at any time.

Offering a new collaboration

To offer a new collaboration, proceed as follows:

  1. Click "Collaborations" in the left navigation.
  2. Click "Offer Collaboration".
  3. Enter the tenant name of your collaboration partner.
  4. Ensure to request the respective tenant name from your collaborative tenant.
  5. Select the checkbox to accept the legal notice,.
  6. Click "Offer".

Your request will be shown as a pending request in the "Offered Collaborations" section. The receiving tenant can see the number of pending collaboration offers in their collaboration section.

  • If the receiving tenant has not yet accepted your offer, you can revoke the offer by clicking "Revoke".
  • After the receiving tenant accepts the offer, your collaboration will appear in the "Collaboration" section below.

Last update: June 13, 2024