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Remote Services - Sample Setup Used

This user documentation uses a sample Xcelerator tenant to which Remote Services (RS) was deployed. We will setup this rRS instance by means of various quick start guides outlining to the reader, how to work with the provided RS functionality and workflows.

The upper half of below RS setup outlines the elements, structures and users that are relevant to the Service Network, whilst the lower part outlines those relevant to the Device Networks, which often represent OT devices such as manufacturing machinery.

In this sample setup the topmost Organization level is called "Service Global", which has two Sub-Organizations named "Region Europe" and "Region Asia". The associated administrators manage the MRS-wide catalog of Protocol Applications, which is a customer-specific and administrator-defined set of Device-specific protocol templates. For further details on overarching use cases please see Product Structure.

Beyond that, the user "Service Admin Global" as the responsible tenant administrator for RS may further manage a set of customer-specific Product Types for tagging Devices. These tags are relevant for Fine-Grained Access Control to ensure, that users with the RS role of "Remote User" may access only Devices with specific type tags as outlined in Concepts Used. Access rights to Devices should be granted to "Remote Users" by the respective "Site Owners". In this example we assume two Remote Users named "User Europe" and "User Asia" both belonging to the company owning the Service Network.

Sample Tenant Used in Documentation

The sample setup uses three different Device Networks referred to as Sites. Here, these are called Munich, Istanbul and Pune. Each of these Sites comprises several Devices registered with RS, such as IPCs, PLCs, IEDs or HMIs.

Last update: June 15, 2023