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Remote Services: Monitoring and Supervision

This section outlines how to supervise Remote Service (RS) with respect to relevant configuration or connectivity changes or concerning RS-internal activities such as user interaction. Furthermore, it is possible to check billing-related information for services and resources.

Audit Log for Configuration, Access or Connectivity changes

Network-to-network access requires trust and it is considered essential, to log related information such as which user was granted which access or which user accessed which Device in a Device Network during which time period. This is provided by Audit Log. When using it, you may adjust the width of the columns, and filtering for information is supported, too.


There is no logging of activities, which a user performed inside a network-to-network connection, because RS does not decode any such traffic.

The audit log is available in RS UI V1 within the tile "System Status". It displays a list of events and their related information.

Administrator reads audit log

By selecting a column's head cell you may change sorting orders and even activate filters. Here we filter for events related to user europe. Column width maybe adjusted by selecting and shifting their separator lines.

Administrator reads audit log

System Log for Key Activities of the Remote Services App

When users work with RS, they may trigger key activities such as email notifications or downloading of Service Endpoints or Device Endpoints. You will find such information in the system log, which is available in RS UI V1 under the tile "System Status".

Administrator reads system log

Column width maybe adjusted by selecting and shifting their separator lines. By selecting a column's topmost cell you may change sorting orders and activate filters. Here we filter for event descriptions of type Start.

Administrator reads system log

Billing Information for Subscribed Services and Resources

If you are interested in billing-related information, then the Billing Reports will provide you with an overview on billing-related events. There are different Device-centric and User-centric views, which are available in RS V1 under the tile. For selecting a report navigate your mouse to the respective row and select "Open" from the 3-layered menu icon to its right.

Administrator accesses billing overview

The 1st dashboard displays device-specific billing information.

Device-related billing information

The 2nd dashboard displays user-centric billing information.

User-related billing information

The 3rd dashboard displays user-related information, such as names, email address, granted roles, etc.

User-information dashboard

Last update: June 15, 2023