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Remote Services: Glossary and Cross-References

Glossary of Terms

Term Description
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AH Authentication Header
AH&SH Asset Health & Service Hub (a MindSphere solution using RS)
A/V Audio/Video
CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
CSA Cloud Security Alliance
DEX MindSphere Digital Exchange (market place)
DDNS Dynamic Domain Name Service
DH Diffie-Hellman (group for router configuration)
DNS Domain Name Service
DTT Dynamic Transparent Tunnel (protocol routing)
DTT-R Dynamic Transparent Tunnel Reverse (protocol routing)
EP Endpoint (for tunnel)
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload
ETL Extract Transform Load
GW GateWay
HMI Human Machine Interface (such as displays)
IANA Internet-Assigned Numbers Authority
IDL Industrial Data Lake (of MindSphere)
IEA Industrial Edge Application
IEAP Industrial Edge Application Publisher (a Siemens software)
IED Industrial Edge Device
IEH Industrial Edge Hub (a Siemens software)
IEM Industrial Edge Manager (a Siemens software)
IIoT Industrial Internet of Things
IoT Internet of Things
IP Internet Protocol
IPC Industrial PC
IPsec Internet Protocol security (tunnel technology)
ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISP Internet Service Provider
FGAC Fine-Grained Access Control
MES Manufacturing Execution System
MSL MindSphere Service Link (protocol routing)
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OSS Open Source Software
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PU Proxy-Unaware (protocol routing)
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux (a distribution)
RS Remote Services (this offering)
SaaS Software-as-a-Service
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SSH Secure Shell
SSL Secure Socket Layer
TIA Totally Integrated Automation
TISAX Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange
TS Time Series
VNC Virtual Network Client
VPN Virtual Private Network
WSS WebSocket Secure (tunnel technology)

Cross-Reference List

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Last update: June 15, 2023