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Remote Services: FAQ

Can I connect my Remote Services endpoint (MindConnect, Industrial Edge, Linux or Windows) without a Remote Services enabled on my Tenant?
No connection is possible. This is because, to be able to establish connections in Remote Services, you need the backend available. All the traffic goes through our backend and there is no direct endpoint-to-endpoint connectivity. Endpoints communicate only with backend. The backend channels data between connected endpoints. This works after downloading the correct client or its credentials from the backend. If it is not available for the tenant, then it is not possible to configure any client to establish connection to Remote Services backend. The communication is encrypted with a token and ensures that the matching partners can establish a connection.

How can I check if Remote Services backend is available?
Check your tenant via Settings App -> User Management -> Roles, if the Remote Services Roles are available.

Search for “rsv” or check your MindConnect Asset manager plugin -> Settings (If you are using MindConnect gateways).

Last update: October 10, 2023

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