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March 2024


We have worked hard to deliver a great Insights Hub experience. These release notes are relevant for Insights Hub Release in March 2024 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our Support.

27th March 2024

Asset Manager

  • With this release, we implemented the various quality of life features to make asset configuration easier. You can explore types during asset creation to find the one you are looking for. Now you can also create assets directly from the type in the Type view by simply selecting the parent asset.


  • We increased the transparency of Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) by showing cross references between policies, users and user groups.

23rd March 2024

MindConnect MQTT Commanding

With this release, you can retrieve the history of MindConnect MQTT command execution, based on the Agent Id of interest. You can use the filter to select the agent and obtain a chronological list of the commands executed on the agent. You can also filter it based on the specific user who has issued the command.

Asset Management

Advance Intimation

  • Insights Hub will enforce the page size limit of 200 for the below Asset Management GET APIs in the upcoming release.
Asset management GET APIs
GET assetmgmturl/assets?size=200
GET assettypemgmturl/assettypes?size=200
GET assettypemgmturl/aspecttypes?size=200

All the customers, users, app builders are required to adapt to the above mentioned changes, if not already done.

  • As part of security improvements and feature deliveries, Insights Hub will switch towards more strict API request URL validations in the upcoming releases. Also, note that there will not be any change in the API behavior according to the specifications. However, API request URLs will be validated based on stricter criteria, specifically in the use of trailing slash characters in requests pointing to dedicated resources. Refer to the list below which contains examples of incorrect URLs and correct URLs. This will be applicable to most of the APIs in Insights Hub.


The support of the trailing slash will be completely removed when Spring boot in future version removes existing support. If the application is not migrated to well-formed requests, then the application might stop working.

Examples of malformed requests Examples of well-formed requests
GET https://gateway.{region}-{environment}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/iottsaggregates/v3/aggregates/{assetId}/{aspectName}/ GET https://gateway.{region}-{environment}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/iottsaggregates/v3/aggregates/{assetId}/{aspectName}
GET https://{tenantName}-assetmanagement.{region}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/assetmanagement/v3/assets/{id}/?includeShared=true GET https://{tenantName}-assetmanagement.{region}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/assetmanagement/v3/assets/{id}?includeShared=true
PUT https://{tenantName}-assetmanagement.{region}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/assetmanagement/v3/assettypes/{id}/ PUT https://{tenantName}-assetmanagement.{region}.{mindsphere-domain}/api/assetmanagement/v3/assettypes/{id}

22nd March 2024

Cloud Foundry

Available and Updated buildpacks:

Buildpack Version stack Details
dotnet-core-buildpack 2.4.24 cflinuxfs3
go-buildpack 1.10.16 cflinuxfs3
java-buildpack 4.66 cflinuxfs3
nodejs-buildpack 1.8.22 cflinuxfs3
php-buildpack 4.6.15 cflinuxfs3
python-buildpack 1.8.19 cflinuxfs3
ruby-buildpack 1.10.9 cflinuxfs3
staticfile-buildpack 1.6.9 cflinuxfs3
mendix-buildpack 4.30.27 cflinuxfs3
mendix-buildpack 5.0.15 cflinux4
binary-buildpack 1.1.9 cflinuxfs3
php_buildpack_4467 4.4.67 cflinuxfs3
php_buildpack_4468 4.4.68 cflinuxfs3
staticfile_buildpack 1.6.10 cflinuxfs4
java_buildpack 4.66 cflinuxfs4
ruby_buildpack 1.10.9 cflinuxfs4
dotnet_core_buildpack 2.4.21 cflinuxfs4
nodejs_buildpack 1.8.21 cflinuxfs4
go_buildpack 1.10.16 cflinuxfs4
python_buildpack 4.8.20 cflinuxfs4
binary_buildpack 1.1.9 cflinuxfs4
php_buildpack 4.6.14 cflinuxfs4

Additional Info

Data Services

  • Logm2 and Search 2 are now available at marketplace.
  • It is now possible to do the migration.

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