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April 2024


We have worked hard to deliver a great Insights Hub experience. These release notes are relevant for Insights Hub Release in April 2024 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our Support.

23rd April 2024

MindConnect MQTT

Advance Intimation

The current MindConnect MQTT broker certificate from QuoVadis will be replaced on 20th May 2024 with a new certificate from DigiCert. This will require your MindConnect MQTT agents to switch to the new certificate after this date. For more information, refer MindConnect MQTT Broker Certificate Expiration.

22nd April 2024

Usage Transparency

What's new?

  • Within this release, we have provided an option for the MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers to navigate through the Usage Transparency journey as a consumer for the applications purchased from another operators.

19th April 2024

Remote Services

What's new?

  • The download of endpoints are simplified now. The DAMEX and geo-location checks are removed to fasten up the configuration.
  • State of users (restricted/expired/suspended) are explained in detail within the Remote Services App.

System Requirements for Remote Services (RS)

Browser-based access to Remote Services App

  • Microsoft Windows ® 10 version 1909: Google ChromeTM (version 68 or newer)
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 with zoom level 100%
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1280x720 with zoom level 100%

Requirements for service personnel's PCs hosting RS Service Endpoint (former Operator Client) as entry point for network-to-network access

  • Service Endpoint (Operator Client) can be downloaded from RS
  • Validated Hardware

    • Processor: x64 (Intel or AMD)
    • Recommended screen resolution: 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 with zoom level 100%*
    • Disk space occupied by Service Endpoint: 32MB
  • Validated Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Windows ® 10 or 11
    • Linux ® Debian 9 - x64
    • Linux ® Debian 10 - x86 or x64
    • Linux ® RedHat 7.6 - x64
  • Validated Browsers

    • Google ChromeTM version 68 or newer

Requirements for accessed devices hosting RS Device Endpoint (former Device Client) as end point for network-to-network access

  • Device Endpoint (Device Client) can be downloaded from RS
  • Validated Hardware

    • Processor: x86 or x64 (Intel or AMD) or ARM64
    • disk space occupied by Device Endpoint: 32MB
  • Validated Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Windows ® 10 Version 1909
    • Linux ® Debian 9 - x64
    • Linux ® Debian 10 - x86 or x64 or ARM64
    • Linux ® RedHat 7.6 - x64

17th April 2024

Cloud Foundry

Available and Updated buildpacks:

Buildpack Version stack Details
dotnet-core-buildpack 2.4.26 cflinuxfs3
go-buildpack 1.10.17 cflinuxfs3
java-buildpack 4.67 cflinuxfs3
nodejs-buildpack 1.8.23 cflinuxfs3
php-buildpack 4.6.17 cflinuxfs3
python-buildpack 1.8.22 cflinuxfs3
ruby-buildpack 1.10.11 cflinuxfs3
staticfile-buildpack 1.6.11 cflinuxfs3
mendix-buildpack 4.30.27 cflinuxfs3
mendix-buildpack 5.0.16 cflinux4
binary-buildpack 1.1.10 cflinuxfs3
php_buildpack_4467 4.4.67 cflinuxfs3
php_buildpack_4468 4.4.68 cflinuxfs3
staticfile_buildpack 1.6.11 cflinuxfs4
java_buildpack 4.67 cflinuxfs4
ruby_buildpack 1.10.11 cflinuxfs4
dotnet_core_buildpack 2.4.26 cflinuxfs4
nodejs_buildpack 1.8.23 cflinuxfs4
go_buildpack 1.10.17 cflinuxfs4
python_buildpack 4.8.22 cflinuxfs4
binary_buildpack 1.1.10 cflinuxfs4
php_buildpack 4.6.17 cflinuxfs4

Additional Info

Data Services


  • a9s PostgreSQL: The a9s PostgreSQL 10 is deprecated. Please ensure that you organize the migration of your existing instances to a more up-to-date version of the same a9s Data Service. For a9s PostgreSQL, a9s PostgreSQL 15 and 13 are available as GA versions.

This deprecation follows the announcement in v44.0.0. The deprecation phase is planned to last until v53.0.0 (expected end of October 2024), in which the deprecated version will become unsupported. The creation of new a9s Data Service instances for this particular version will then be disabled by default in the a9s Data Service Bundle and we will not provide regular support for this version. The corresponding documentation will also be removed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start your migrations to a supported GA version as soon as possible and complete them until the end of the deprecation phase. For more information, see a9s Platform Operator Sunrise Sunset.

08th April 2024

Insights Hub Monitor

  • With this release, the new "Data" plugin is available in Insights Hub Monitors "Explore" section. This plugin lists the data stored in Integrated Data Lake and supports features like file info, data preview (for common data types), or to link dashboards to your data hierarchy structure. The new feature is only available for customers who have an active "Integrated Data Lake" subscription.
  • With this release, the existing "WorkOrders" plugin is renamed to "Cases" plugin in Insights Hub Monitors "Explore" section. This plugin lists the cases(work orders) created by users, which can be used for tracking work requests that are essential to monitor asset health and to detect technical issues.

Last update: April 23, 2024

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