7th September 2022 (Europe 1) - Developer Documentation
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7th September 2022 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great MindSphere experience. These release notes are relevant for MindSphere Release in September 2022 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues as well as known issues for Subscribers of Capability Packages and MindAccess Plans. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our MindSphere Support.

Usage Transparency Service

Applicable for:

  • Subscribers of Capability Packages
  • Subscribers of MindAccess Plan

What's new?

  • MindSphere products are purchased and billed to soldToId. UTS Services dashboard will display the resource limits and consumption data for the soldToId. This soldToId is unique for every customer and there can be single or multiple tenants with each single soldToId. Customers can log in to any tenant having the same SoldToId can monitor their own or other tenants resource limit and consumption data using UTS application.

Known issues

  • The Report tab is undergoing a major backend upgrade and hence shows a temporary outage. Once the upgrade is completed, new version of the tab will be made available.

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