7th December 2022 (Europe 1) - Developer Documentation
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7th December 2022 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great MindSphere experience. These release notes are relevant for MindSphere Release in December 2022 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues as well as known issues for Subscribers of Capability Packages and MindAccess Plans. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our MindSphere Support.

AI for Everyone

What's new?

Within this release, - we are introducing ability to register a forecast or anomaly model as production models. The production models can then be scheduled to run at regular intervals identified by the customer. - Production models are run in the background and generate predictions and anomalies based on the new IoT data coming into MindSphere. Users will be able to analyze the forecast results and anomalies for the production jobs. - It is possible to clearly differentiate between the training models and production models.

Last update: December 7, 2022

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