1st August 2023 (Europe 1) - Developer Documentation
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1st August 2023 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great Insights Hub experience. These release notes are relevant for Insights Hub Release in August 2023 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues as well as known issues for Subscribers of Capability Packages and MindAccess Plans. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our Support.

Predict (AI for Everyone)

Applicable for:

  • MindAccess IoT Value Plan Subscribers
  • MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers
  • MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers
  • Capability Packages Subscribers

what's new?

  • Within this release,
    • we improvised:
      • Model training (both Forecast and Anomaly) is now done asynchronously, which means that the user does not have to wait for it to complete. User can initiate Model training, browse application and refresh to get the latest model execution status.
      • Dataset creation: By default aggregate IoT data is displayed to reduce load time. User still has an option to view raw data.
      • Other performance improvement like parallel processing.
    • It is now possible to make model visualization more interpretable.
    • It is now possible to write Forecast prediction schedule results (Inference) into Asset based IoT store for Rules engine integration.
    • Normalize data display in charts, which means that data will be scaled by their mean and standard deviation for visualization.
    • Predict now supports dataset size upto 120K records (previously maximum 60K records were supported).

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Last update: August 1, 2023