19th July 2023 (Europe 1) - Developer Documentation
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19th July 2023 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great Insights Hub experience. These release notes are relevant for Insights Hub Release in July 2023 and include new and adjusted features, fixed issues. If you find other issues, please give us your feedback by contacting our Support.

Predictive Learning Essentials

Applicable for:

  • Capability Packages Subscribers

What's new?

  • Within this release, you will see Predictive Learning Essentials application from launchpad after assigned with needed roles as subscriber of Insights Hub Premium Capability Package.
    • Predictive Learning Essentials allows you to import data in various formats from Insights Hub Integrated Data Lake and asset-related time series data for model executions.
    • Predictive Learning Essentials allows you to import your own models in any codes, from anywhere and manage the lifecycle of your models and executions in an interactive way.
    • You can also validate your models through the integrated and pre-provisioned Jupyter Notebook environment on the libraries, technologies and dataset before engineering machine learning to production.

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Last update: July 19, 2023