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The Product Twin application helps to define and manage the mappings between physical assets and virtual model representations.

It enables the physical and virtual model mapping and connection to different enterprise applications with the platform, by using a connector. The enterprise application capabilities can be exposed as services, which another application can consume. It also allows you to configure the model for simulation and run it using operational data of an asset. This application provides a secure communication channel between the platform and enterprise applications.

The data collected using the MindConnect portfolio can be brought in the virtual world in a controlled and contextualized manner. This application provides connectivity and service using which, you can build closed loop applications that can run simulation models with the existing simulation tools.

This application provides standard interfaces to collect the time series, events information and send it to a variety of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) objects for modelling, simulating, analyzing, visualizing and optimizing the systems, processes and operations. The PLM objects includes simulation and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) model.


Product Twin enables a cross domain view of the operations of a business including production, processes and overall plant/product performance. This view combined with information from upstream design, planning, developing applications, systems and processes and provides a holistic view of a product or an asset.

By comparing what happens in the real world and what is designed in representations of the real world, engineers can gain insights to improve the product's design, production and operation. This enables engineers to analyze the status of the designed products.

The Product Twin application and the other applications enable you to build the key Digital Twin connection between the physical model and the corresponding virtual model through the complete product development life cycle by exchange of time series data.

The Product Twin application has the following features:

  • Easily connect the asset’s IoT data with its simulation model
  • Manage one or more simulation models representing different subsystems of the asset
  • Map IoT data to simulation parameters for easy bi-directional data exchange between Insights Hub and simulation model
  • Visualize asset’s simulation output. Compare it with output from other assets and simulation models for more insights
  • Virtually analyze asset performance by changing simulation model parameters to studying the simulation results
  • Schedule recurring headless simulations and automatically imports result back in Insights Hub
  • View field events and create Teamcenter Issue from Insights Hub
  • Connect to Simcenter Amesim™ using FMI 2.0 based out-of-the-box connector. Interface with Teamcenter™ for additional product information

The Product Twin application has the following benefits:

  • Condition monitoring of remote connected assets
  • Diagnose performance to know why the asset is performing the way it is
  • Identify optimal operating point based on asset usage
  • Design and validate next iteration of the product using IoT data from Insights Hub
  • Reduce time to value by connecting operational data directly to the design world

Purchase Product Twin

You can use the Product Twin application by purchasing the following offering:

  • Insights Hub Premium Capability Package

Last update: November 21, 2023