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Creating and viewing Study


Digital Twin Definition, Digital Twin Model need to be created and configured before creating a Study.

Creating a new Study

To prepare data for simulation, proceed with the following steps:

  1. In "Factory Twin" application, click "Workbench" from left navigation and click "Studies".
  2. In the "Studies" page, click Create to create a new study.
  3. In "Study Details" page, enter the Study Name and Study Description. Click "Proceed to next step".

Study description

4.In "Design Constants Statistics" page, select the required design contants. Click "Proceed to next step".

5.In "Variables & Thresholds", select the required variables, enter the Lower Limit and Upper Limit. Click "Proceed to next step".


6.In the "Mapping" page, select the required mappings available in the list by clicking the checkbox next to each mapping.


7.Click Save.

The created Study will be displayed in the "Studies" tab.


  • The application displays an error if the following conditions are not met:
    • If the data is not provided in the right format
    • If the Study name is not unique for the selected asset

Viewing study

The created Study can be viewed in the "Studies" tab in "Workbench" and "Configuration".

On clicking the show/hide button next to the study, the related runs for that study is displayed.

On clicking on the study, the Study details will be displayed.

Study details

The results tab displays the Simulation Runs data, Assets and KPIs in the study.

Asset study

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Last update: April 29, 2022