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Comparing runs

For any asset configured for a specific Digital Twin template, the Runs data can be viewed in "Workbench" in the "Simulation Runs" tab.

The following sections explains the procedure to view and compare the Runs data:

Compare the runs

The following procedure describes the steps to compare runs:

  1. Select "Workbench" from the left navigation and click "Simulation Runs". Choose the required Digital Twin Definition and Digital Twin Model from the drop-down.
  2. From the available list of Runs, select the runs which needs to be compared and click "Compare selected Runs". Only the runs which are in "Pass" and "Failed" state can be selected for comparing purposes.


The runs in "Error" and "Pending" states cannot be selected for comparison.

3.Choose the variables for Y-axis for compare run and click "Submit".

4.To display the threshold value, check the "Threshold" checkbox. You can also change the color of the variables displayed in the chart by selecting the color for each variable from "Chart color" option.

5.To choose variables for X-axis, click Save next to "Multi Y-axis" option and select the variable from the drop-down and click "Submit".

Compare the run

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Last update: April 29, 2022