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May 2024

This document contains all the defects fixed for Insights Hub Private Cloud Release in May 2024.

2nd May 2024 (LPC)

Business Intelligence

  • The issue Business Intelligence data only supporting UTF-8 is fixed.
  • The issue of redirecting to a wrong page while signing-out from Business Intelligence application is fixed.

Insights Hub Quality Prediction

  • The result not displayed on the Operator Board issue is fixed.


  • The issue of time series data not updating when the included variables are changed, is fixed.
  • The issue of not being able to upload a file when it already exists or has been previously deleted, is fixed.
  • The issue while saving the result of the forecast is fixed.

Insights Hub OEE

  • The issue of performance calculation result displayed in the Performance page is fixed.
  • The issue of the time displayed in the Quality page is fixed.
  • We have fixed the issue of an error message displayed during calendar entry.


  • The issue of folders referencing to incorrect paths under policies is fixed.

Last update: May 7, 2024

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