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March 2024

This document contains all the defects fixed for Insights Hub Private Cloud Release in March 2024.

11th March 2024 (VPC)

Developer Cockpit

  • GTAC Number-10946104: We have fixed the issue of App Credential expiring for no reason after every SP release update.

Insights Hub Monitor

  • GTAC Number-10933956: We have fixed the issue of saving analyzed profiles.
  • GTAC Number-10869079: We have fixed the issue of sorting the shared profiles in alphabetical order.

Integrated Data Lake

  • GTAC Number-10974559: We have fixed the misleading error message "File name without special characters" displayed in user interface even though special characters can be used in file names.
  • GTAC Number-10974644: We have fixed the issue of inaccurate warning or error message about the allowable characters.
  • GTAC Number-10974513: We have fixed the file size showing bytes down to two decimal places and we have renamed the "Update metadata values" button.
  • GTAC Number-10974254: We have fixed the issue of upload failing if user exceeds max number of strings.
  • GTAC Number-10972530: We have fixed the issue of upload failing when using folder name that contains special characters.
  • GTAC Number-10951117: We have fixed the issue of no longer able to create sub-folder using forward slash.
  • GTAC Number-10951226: we have fixed the issue of unable to view metadata on pre-SP159 data containing whitespace (%20) in filename.
  • GTAC Number-10948269: We have fixed the issue of metadata mandatory or optional flag.
  • GTAC Number-10957358: We have fixed the issue of IDL users without read access able to see metadata by clicking 'add metadata'.
  • GTAC Number-10968717: We have fixed the issue of files without extensions getting downloaded with .txt extension.

MindConnect Nano

  • GTAC Number-10991699: We have fixed the issue of MindConnect nano device uploading approximately 2500 files of MindEdgeRuntimeSystem.

Resource Access Management

  • GTAC Number-10816716: The issue of empty resources cannot be deleted is fixed.


  • GTAC Number-10942995: We have fixed the polices referencing the incorrect path issue.

Last update: March 26, 2024

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