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February 2024

This document contains all the defects fixed for Insights Hub Private Cloud Release in February 2024.

19th February 2024 (LPC)

Agent Management Service

  • GTAC Number-10918555: The issue of Agent Quota Provisioning is fixed.

Asset Manager

  • GTAC Number-10894540: We have fixed the issue of not able to update the value of static variable.
  • GTAC Number-10824879: Prompting "We have detected some issues with the timeseries chart" and Message: Error from IoT Services: [6518] Error came while reading data from database in the console, is fixed.

Developer Cockpit

  • GTAC Number-10875324: We have fixed the issue of the outside URL found in Developer cockpit.

Insights Hub Business Intelligence

  • GTAC Number-10840176: The issue of OS Bar unavailability is fixed.

Insights Hub Monitor

  • GTAC Number-10933956: We have fixed the issue of saving analyzed profiles.
  • GTAC Number-10906481: The issue of building prediction for product forecast is fixed.
  • GTAC Number-10869079: We have fixed the issue of sorting the shared profiles in alphabetical order.

Insights Hub OEE

  • GTAC Number-10810111: Translation issue during calendar creation is fixed.

IoT TimeSeries

  • GTAC Number-10927653: The issue of prompting a error "Bad Request" when calling Put API /api/iottimeseries/v3/timeseries/{entityId}/{propertySetName}.

MindConnect Software Agent

  • GTAC Number-10943803: We have fixed a prompting error message "500:Internal Server Error" on clicking Import configuration button to import a template file in the datasource configuration page.
  • GTAC Number-10809270:MindConnect Software Agent not displaying the newly selected version of Linux firmware is fixed.

Resource Access Management

  • GTAC Number-10816716: The issue of empty resources cannot be deleted is fixed.


  • GTAC Number-10809423: The issue while adding the user groups during the policy creation is fixed.

Visual Flow Creator

  • GTAC Number-10948291: The flow running in background issue is resolved.

Last update: March 18, 2024

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