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29th January 2021


We have worked hard to deliver a great MindSphere Private Standard experience, but we are still tracking some known issues. If you find others, please give us your feedback by contacting our MindSphere Support.

We recommend that you read the following release notes carefully. These notes contain important information for installation and use.

These release notes are relevant for MindSphere Private Standard Release in January 2021 with version V2103.LR.GBL.N0129/ V2103.LO.GBL.N0129.

MindSphere Private Standard

Within this release of MindSphere Private Cloud, the Visual Analyzer and Visual flow creator are available in addition to the other services.

Within MindSphere on Private Cloud, you will experience the MindSphere services and applications in the same way with from our public cloud offerings.

Depending on the chosen plans and services for each deployment, the following services will be available with this release:

  • Visual Analyzer
  • Visual Flow Creator
  • Analytics Services

Visual Analyzer

Visual Analyzer is an easy-to-use analytics application to gain immediate insights into the IoT time series data of connected assets and devices configured in a MindSphere account.

Drill down, search or filter data on the fly to get more insights into the corresponding production system and the performance of the machines. In addition, the customized views of online data can also be created.

Visual Flow Creator

Visual Flow Creator, a component built on Node-RED, enables users to design their own workflows via a drag and drop functionality to develop graphic depiction of workflows. You can create the workflows with the web-based editor to analyze and generate new virtual data points or deliver the formatted data for reporting tools. The workflows can be triggered manually, time-based or via RESTful call. The users can calculate KPIs or trigger actions.

Key features:

  • Graphically model data and processing flows (Drag and drop functionality)
  • Define rules and trigger actions
  • Define and calculate KPIs
  • Visually create workflows, connect multiple flow segments together
  • No rebuild required with preconfigured node
  • Monitor and control processing via debug window
  • Custom nodes: Develop nodes on your system and deploy them to VFC


  • Accelerates new solutions
  • Functional node blocks provides consistency and repeatability
  • Design and reuse flexibility via node library
  • Lowers the programming barrier to allow solution focus
  • Gain immediate insights


Custom Nodes are not included in this release.

Analytics Services

Analytics Services provides modules to create analytical solutions. Analytics Service includes the following APIs and applications:

  • Event Analytics Service - Provides essential functionalities for a data-driven analysis of event data.
  • KPI Calculation Service - Computes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an asset.
  • Signal Calculation Service - Processes time series data of an entity's sensor.
  • Signal Validation Service - Validates sensor time series data of an entity.
  • Data Exchange Service - Allows the users to upload and download data for any purpose.
  • Model Management Service - For Analytical solutions, helps the users to store models, algorithms, scripts, training or validation data, used for machine learning or AI tasks.
  • Trend Prediction Service - Predicts future values for time series using linear and nonlinear regression models.
  • Anomaly Detection Service - Aims to automatically detect unexpected behaviour of processes and assets using time series data.
  • Spectrum Analysis Service - Provides functions to transform a time-domain signal into its frequency components (via Discrete Fourier Transform) and to detect threshold breaches of their amplitudes.
  • Predictive Learning Essential - A data scientist workbench for python model training and execution.


Private Standard

The following table shows the variations for Private Standard:

Offering Currently not available on Private Cloud
Developer Cockpit Use of Cloud Foundry on Private Cloud.
Fleet Manager - IoT value plan
- Update of rules via Upgrade
Fleet Manager Rules Integration of Upgrade.
Visual Analyzer Purchase via MindSphere Store of Visal Analyzer
Visual Flow Creator Custom nodes feature

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