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Viewing Usage Metrics

The Usage Metrics page lets you see how many Predictive Learning compute hours remain for your organization, and lists your individual transactions and the number of compute hours you have used.

Usage Metrics Illustration

The following image shows the Usage Metrics page.

Usage Metrics

How to View Your Usage Metrics

Follow these steps to view your usage metrics and remaining compute hours:

  1. Log into Predictive Learning and select Usage Metrics on the Predictive Learning menu. The Usage Metrics page appears.
  2. Specify a date range in the From and To fields. Default is the last 90 days.
  3. Your individual instances and compute hours used are displayed in the grid along with the date and time the transactions were initiated.
  4. The total number of compute hours remaining for your organization appears at the top of the page.

Need Assistance?

Your compute hours are updated based on the package your company purchases. If your compute hours do not appear on the Usage Metrics page, or are not what you expected, contact Support (GTAC) for assistance:

To purchase more hours, contact Predictive Learning Sales:

Last update: June 15, 2023

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