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Viewing Data Distributions

Viewing data distributions for numeric values can help you make decisions about performing transformations on the data, such as removing values or normalizing it.

View Data Distribution Illustration

The following illustrates the View Distribution pop-up window.

View Data Distribution

How to View a Data Distribution

Follow these steps to view the distribution of numeric data.

  1. Select Manage Analytics Workspaces from the Analytics Workspace menu. The Manage Analytics Workspaces page opens.
  2. Select a configuration from the Cluster Type drop-down list and click the Start Cluster button. Wait for the cluster status to change to Running.
  3. Click the Create a new Workspace button. The Workspace page opens.
  4. Click Add Exploration Panel. A new Exploration panel opens.
  5. Select a dataset from the Select a Dataset drop-down list. The Statistics tab displays information about the dataset.
  6. Click the View Distribution icon in the table row for the data distribution you want to view. A pop-up window displays a histogram for that row.
  7. Click the Preview tab to preview the dataset.
  8. Click Cancel to exit the window.

Last update: June 15, 2023

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