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Specifying the S3 Bucket Location

You can upload and store multiple file types to an S3 bucket location and then use the Notebook functionality to access and read those files.

Advanced Configuration Dialog Illustration

The following illustrates the Advanced Configuration Dialog.

Configuration Dialog

How to Specify the S3 Bucket Location

When you enter the path to the S3 bucket you want to use, your entry cannot be changed once the cluster is started.

Follow these steps to specify the S3 bucket location for use with the Notebook:

  1. Access the Manage Analytics Workspaces page. The Manage Analytics Workspaces page opens.
  2. Click the Advanced Configuration button. The Advanced Configuration dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a valid path to your existing S3 bucket in the External S3 Bucket Location field and click Apply.
  4. Click the Start Cluster button. When the cluster is up and running, the button changes to Stop Cluster.
  5. Once the cluster is running, select a service from the Launch a Service drop-down list, and click the Launch button to open a Notebook. The notebook opens.
  6. Follow the steps for how to access and read the S3 bucket contents, which is located in a section of the notebook.

Last update: June 15, 2023

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