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Selecting Columns to Carry Over

Each transformation pane contains a Columns to Carry Over tab where you can specify the dataset columns to include in your transformation. This list determines the order in which the data is displayed in the preview. You can select all columns or just a few, and save your selections.

Columns to Carry Over Tab Illustration

This image shows a transformation panel, Columns to Carry Over tab, on the workspace.

Columns to Carry Over Tab

How to Select Columns to Carry Over

Follow these steps to select columns to carry over for the transformation:

  1. Click the Columns to Carry Over tab. The Select Columns to Carry Over pane opens.
  2. Click a column to add it to the Selected Columns list. The selected column appears in the list OR
  3. Click Select All to choose all the columns to carry over. All columns are added to the Selected Columns list.
  4. Click Save to save the column selections for the transformation.
  5. If your cluster is running, click the Run button at the top of the Transformation panel to run the transformation. The preview opens.

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Last update: April 1, 2022