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Managing Spark Pipeline Models

The Manage Spark Pipeline Models page provides details on Spark models created in Predictive Learning (PrL). Models saved through the Notebook feature also appear on this page. This page will provide augmented functionality in the future, including the capability to deploy models to other locations.

Manage Spark Pipeline Models Illustration

This image illustrates the Manage Spark Pipeline Models page.

Manage Spark Pipeline

How to Access Manage Spark Pipeline Models

You can view Spark pipeline models in PrL, however the ability to deploy Spark pipeline models has not yet been developed.

Follow these steps to view and manage Spark Pipeline Models:

  1. Navigate to Application Launchpad and click the Predictive Learning icon. The Predictive Learning landing page opens.
  2. Select Manage Spark Pipeline Models from the Analytics Workspaces menu. The Manage Spark Pipeline Models page opens.

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Last update: June 15, 2023