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Managing Analytical Models (External)

Manage Analytical Models allows you to upload models developed outside of Predictive Learning and store them in an external S3 bucket. A model can contain multiple versions, which may include different file types and belong to different authors. Use this function to create and manage your external models and versions.

Actions available on this page include:

  • Create New Model
  • View List of Models (with last version information)
  • Open Model Details
  • Edit Model Details
  • Create New Version
  • Download Model
  • Delete Model

Please note the following limitations of Manage Analytical Models:

  • Model file size is limited to at least 10 bytes but no more than 100 MB
  • Model file type is not validated
  • Any model uploaded can be accessed by any user in your tenant

Manage Analytical Models (External) Illustration

The following illustrates the Manage Analytical Models page:

Manage model page

How to Access Manage Analytical Models (External)

Follow these steps to access Manage Analytical Models (External):

  1. Log on to Predictive Learning. The main page appears.
  2. On the Analytical Model Management tab, click Manage Analytical Models (External). The Manage Analytical Models (External) page appears displaying a list of models uploaded to Predictive Learning.

How to View a List of Analytical Models

The Manage Analytical Models (External) page lists all models uploaded to Predictive Learning for your tenant, and provides the following information about each:

  • Name
  • Last Version
  • Type
  • Author
  • Description
  • Creation Date
  • Expiration Date

How to Create a New Model

Follow these steps to create and upload a new model to Predictive Learning:

  1. Access the Manage Analytical Models (External) page.
  2. Click the New Model button. A Create New Model pop-up window opens.
    Create New Model
    1. Enter a Name for the new model.
    2. Enter a brief Description of the model.
    3. Select an Expiration Date, if desired.
    4. The Author field displays your user name and cannot be changed.
    5. Select a Type from the drop-down list. Current options include: Zeppelin Notebook JSON file XML file Text file
    6. Click the Browse for Model File button and select a file to upload from your local drive. File size cannot exceed 100 MB. The file name you select appears in the grid.
    7. Click Save. The file uploads to your external S3 bucket and appears in the list on the Manage Analytical Models (External) page.

Models can also be automatically created from Jupyter Notebooks using the Export to AMM button located on Jupyter's user interface top menu.

How to Edit Model Details

Follow these steps to edit the model details:

  1. Access the Manage Analytical Models (External) page.
  2. Click the Actions button. A menu opens.
  3. Select Edit Details. The Update Model pop-up window opens.
    Edit details
  4. You can change the model Name, Description, or Type.
  5. Click Save when finished. The model is saved with your changes.

How to Download a Model

Follow these steps to download a model:

  1. Access the Manage Analytical Models (External) page.
  2. Click the Actions button. A menu opens.
  3. Select Download Model. A download message appears at the bottom of the window and the file downloads to your local drive.
    Download model
  4. Click the download arrow for options to access the file.

Last update: January 22, 2024