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Defining Cluster Auto Shutdown Time

You can define a time frame to automatically shut down the cluster to avoid unnecessary charges. You must do this before you start the cluster. The default is two hours. Changes to the shutdown time are only saved for the current page. They are not retained permanently.

The Advanced Configuration dialog box is shown here.

Cluster Auto Shutdown Time

How to Define Cluster Auto Shutdown Time

Follow these steps to define a cluster auto shutdown time.

  1. Select Manage Analytics Workspaces on the Predictive menu. The Manage Analytics Workspaces page opens.
  2. Click Advanced Configuration next to the Cluster Configuration heading. The Advanced Configuration dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a length of time to allow the cluster to run in the Automatically shutdown cluster after Hours field. Minimum run time is two hours, maximum is 24 hours. Default is two hours.
  4. Click Apply. Once you click Start Cluster, the cluster runs for the number of hours you enter, and automatically shuts down, unless you manually stop it before the time is up.

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Last update: June 15, 2023