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Connecting to IoT Data

This feature allows you to import your IoT data and then run predictive analysis on the data from your internet-connected devices. If you give a dataset a name that is already in use, your current import will overwrite the previously existing dataset.

Import IoT Data Page

This image shows the Import IoT Data page.

IoT Data Page

How to Import IoT Data

Both shared assets and root assets are supported; however, not all root assets can store data, therefore you need to check that the asset you select either contains data or has a child asset that can store data.

Follow these steps to import your IoT data:

  1. Click Import IoT Data on the Predictive Learning menu. The Import IoT Data page opens.
  2. Click Select in the Asset Type field and select an asset from the list. The asset type you selected appears in the field and the Asset field appears.
  3. Select an asset from the Asset field.
  4. Click Select in the Property Set field and select a property set from the list. The property set you selected appears in the field.
  5. Select From and To dates. Minimum time frame is one hour. Maximum time frame is one year.
  6. Enter a name (no forward or backward slashes allowed) for the data import job.
  7. Enter an optional Job Description.
  8. Click Import. A message that warns about the risk of overwriting a dataset displays and asks if you want to proceed.
  9. Click Yes. A success message displays and the import name displays on the Manage Data Import, Manage Datasets, and Workspace pages.

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Last update: June 15, 2023