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Adding an Exploration Panel

The exploration panel allows you to select a dataset to analyze. You can preview the data in the dataset, and view the schema. Once you know what your dataset contains, you can then define the transformations you want to apply to it. After performing your transformations, you can preview the new dataset, schema, and statistics, and save it as a new dataset.

Workspace Exploration Panel Illustration

This image shows an example of the exploration panel on the workspace page:

Workspace Exploration

How to Add an Exploration Panel to the Workspace

Follow these steps to add an exploration panel to your workspace and begin your data exploration:

  1. Click the Add Exploration Panel button on the Workspace page. A Data Exploration panel opens.
  2. Click the Select button to choose a dataset. A dialog box lists your saved datasets.
  3. Select a dataset. The first ten rows (default) of the dataset display in the workspace Preview tab.
  4. To change the number of rows that display, enter a value in the Number of Rows field.
  5. Click the Schema tab. The schema defined for the dataset displays in the workspace.
  6. To remove the expLoration panel, click Remove in the upper right corner. The exploration panel closes.
  7. To add another exploration panel, click the Add Exploration Panel button. Another exploration panel opens.

Last update: January 22, 2024