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The Predictive Learning Essentials (Predictive Learning) system provides the infrastructure and tooling, data scientists need when creating statistical and machine learning algorithms for rapidly building and executing models. This leads to achieve the highest level of product performance and quality, translating into increased customer satisfaction, improved net promoter scores, and enhanced brand reputation.

When predective learning is used to build machine learning algorithms and applied to IoT, service, field, and other data streams, it can provide unmatched insights into the future of your machines, processes, and products. This insight enables you to refine small and large aspects of your systems, forsee maintenance needs, and pinpoint root causes of process disruptions.

Predictive Learning facilitates:

  • Easy access to Integrated Data Lake and IoT data.
  • Integrating your organization's systems via Predictive Learning's public APIs.
  • Rapidly building and executing models using statistical and machine learning algorithms.
  • Import and run Docker models created outside Predictive Learning.
  • Schedule models to run automatically for recurring reports and analysis.

With your valuable feedback, future releases will enhance further model development and execution experience.

Last update: November 16, 2023

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